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About Us

Who are we? 

CITI (Celibacy Is The Issue) is a lay organization calling married or resigned Roman Catholic priests back into ministry to serve the spiritual needs of those under-served, neglected or rejected by the Institutional Church. According to church law (canon law), "After it has been validly received sacred ordination never becomes invalid." Canon 290 Therefore, married priests are not "ex" or "former" priests, they are still priests.  We welcome those who support a married priesthood or resigned priests who have been validly ordained in the Roman Catholic rite.

Whom do we serve? 

CITI Ministries serves the people of God – that is, those people who call on us to serve. It is our desire to meet the needs of those seeking spiritual assistance through sacramental or pastoral ministry. We reach out to Catholics who do not feel welcomed in the institutional church or who cannot seek pastoral help within the institution for reasons such as clergy sexual abuse, the lack of pastoral concern for divorced Catholics, the LGBT Community, women and the list goes on.  CITI priests are available for spiritual and sacramental ministry to anyone who asks for their help. They respond positively and non-judgmentally to Catholics (and all others) who have not attended a parish for some time or feel uncomfortable approaching their local parish priest at a time of need. Jesus always acted quickly to help people and never turned anyone away; neither will our married priests. Our ministry is ecumenical and open to all traditions.

Our ministries

Married priests provide spiritual guidance, counseling, home masses, first or second marriages, funerals, confession, and other spiritual services. Like the early church that was closest to Jesus, the ministry is home-based. Married priests make "house calls" and can help make arrangements for your baptism and wedding ceremonies in homes, gardens, or waterside settings. Our priests can assist with anointings at homes, hospitals, or nursing home facilities. Funerals and Memorial services may take place in funeral homes, gravesides, non-denominational churches or other requested sites. 

All contributions are tax deductible 

CITI Ministries is a tax-deductible (501.c3) charity. Your contributions fund our toll-free number (1-800-PRIEST 9), this web site, an interactive Internet and other discussion forums for married priests, and many opportunities to resolve issues affecting the Catholic Church. Never before in the history of the church or in the history of Catholic Church reform has there been such an opportunity to effect optional celibacy and restore integrity in the Church. Catholics are sitting in the driver's seat. All they need to do is invite married priests to celebrate Mass in priest-less parishes—the request must come from the people according to Canon Law 843. Recently a canon lawyer at Leuven University chose CITI Ministries for her dissertation study. Her conclusion is that the people have the right to call upon married priests for ministry. Canon Law supports this conclusion noting that married priests cannot refuse a sacramental request (Canon 843). Let's work together and make this happen. Your financial assistance will help us make more people aware through various efforts.