Why become a CITI Ministries priest?

·        To continue your call to serve
·        To meet the needs of people seeking spiritual assistance
·        To grow in faith through your experiences
·        To begin your own ministry with the certification of CITI Ministries

CITI Ministries, Inc provides legal certification for validly ordained Roman Catholic priests. With CITI certification as a married Roman Catholic priest, you will be officially recognized by state and government agencies to licitly officiate at weddings and perform other ministerial functions.

CITI Ministries is a lay organization that promotes Roman Catholic pastoral ministry to meet the needs of the people of God

There is an annual $285.00 dues for CITI Ministries certification membership.

Members receive: 
·        Validation to minister again
·        Certificate of Ministry and laminated certification card
·        Contact listing in the printed version of God’s Yellow Pages (GYP)
·        One contact listing on CITIMINISTRIES.ORG
·        Link to your personal website from our website
·         CITI MinistriesNEWS newsletter
·         Use of special CITI embosser on sacramental certificates (separate agreement)
·        Access to our Social Media Networking

Reclaim your priesthood! Become certified by CITI Ministries as a married Roman Catholic Priest

To apply, please click here