Why become a CITI Ministries Support member?

  • To welcome married priests back into ministry
  • To help spread the word about CITI Ministries
  • To help with CITI Ministries sponsored events:

                      Forums  (Meet your local married priests)
                      Documentary & Discussion groups
                            Lay Leadership Involvement (starting or join a small faith community)
                      Exhibitors at Conferences

CITI Ministries is a lay organization rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition which provides pastoral ministry to meet the needs of the people of God. We would love to have you join us in this mission.

A CITI Ministries Support Member is simply someone who is willing to support this organization with a monetary donation.

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Click Donate Now to make your donation online or send check to:

CITI Ministries, Inc.
Finance Dept.
P.O.  Box 822
Bowie, MD   20718