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July 1, 2013

CITI Ministries (Celibacy is The Issue) was founded in 1992 in response to the priest shortage in the United States. It was baffling to reconcile the fact that priests of integrity were not permitted to minister in the Roman Catholic Church if they chose to get married yet pedophile priests were not given those same restrictions. In fact they were protected and moved from parish to parish where they would sexually abuse countless victims. There is no reason for a shortage of priests. Take away the mandatory celibacy requirement, open the door to women, and my guess is there would be an  abundance of priests available to serve. CITI Minsitries is doing just that... making more priests available to serve. Click on the link below to read more about Fr. Helmut Schuller and his upcoming U.S. tour. His "appeal to disobedience" is appealing to me. Let's at least have the conversation.

June 25, 2013

Hoping for changes in the Catholic Church? Know some priests who would like that too? Some say we're at a tipping point. Visit this link and attend one of the tour events in your area to be a part of the conversation with Fr. Helmut Schuller of Austria.

Tour Dates

June 6, 2013

There are several reform groups across the country and around the world that are working hard to overturn the requirement of mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests.  I am grateful for all of those organizations and I support them, trusting that they will be successful in the not so distant future.

Since we do not know when the “not so distant future” is, CITI Ministries believes we must minister now as we are called.

There are hospitals needing chaplains, grieving families needing funeral services, couples seeking marriage ministers, parents seeking baptism for their children, alienated Catholics seeking the Eucharist.

CITI Ministries is here to provide that ministry with resigned, married ordained Roman Catholic priests who are willing to answer that call.

I invite you to browse our website and spread the word about CITI Ministries!