Baptism Ministry

Are you requesting Baptism or First Holy Communion for your child?

 CITI Ministries is about serving the people of God. We are responding to a need for non-judgmental ministry and a welcoming environment for people facing challenges within the church. Our priests will listen and provide guidance as they make every effort to assist you with Baptism and First Communion preparation for your child.

        ·       If you would like Baptism or First Holy Communion for your child with            the blessing of a priest in a ceremony which reflects and appreciates the                Roman Catholic Tradition,… 


·       If you are concerned about how your marital status may affect your child’s ability to receive the sacraments, please understand that this is not a problem. CITI priests look forward to working with you. The gift of God’s grace is open to all who seek Him. Your child will not be denied!...


·       If you would like to baptize your child, or celebrate the Liturgy of First Holy Communion at a reception hall, home, or other appropriate setting, inside or outside…

         Then CITI Ministries can help. Please click Find A Priest for a priest in your Area.

             ·       If you want or need your child’s sacraments to be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, then you will need to work with         your parish priest. If they cannot meet your needs please read the information here to help you discern if CITI Ministries can             work for you.