Wedding Ministry


You’re getting married… Congratulations!

You’d like a priest to be the officiant… We’d like to help.

If you want a Catholic priest and want or need your wedding recognized by the Roman Catholic Church then click here 

If you want a Catholic priest but are less concerned about recognition by the Roman Catholic institution, then click Find A Priest now or read on…

CITI Ministries is about serving the people of God. We are responding to a need for non-judgmental ministry and a welcoming environment for couples facing challenges within the church. Our priests will listen and provide guidance as they make every effort to assist you with marriage preparation and the planning of your wedding ceremony.

        ·       If you would like a legal civil marriage with the blessing of a priest in a ceremony which reflects and appreciates the                Roman Catholic Tradition, then CITI Ministries is a wonderful option for you.

·       If you would like an interfaith service which cannot be accommodated by your parish priest, CITI Ministries can help.

·       If you would like to have your wedding outside or at a venue other than a church building but would still love to have a priest as an officiant, our CITI Ministries priests are happy to accommodate your plans.

·       If this is a second marriage for either the bride or groom and you would like to incorporate your Catholic faith tradition into your ceremony, CITI Ministries can help.

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